A Wake-Up Call

So what’s holding you back? ‘From what?’ you may ask… How about from taking a momentous step to changing your life forever? Imagine having financial independence, time freedom and having that special thing most people (if not all secretly do) dream of, having your own business.

So what is holding you back then? Perhaps it is a lack of ideas? Fear of venturing into the unknown? Those dreaded financial obligations we all feel bound and restricted by. Restricting us from trying something new, like chains around our ankles? Or perhaps it is your trusted inner circle, be they your friends or family looking after your ‘best interests’ by telling you not to do something ‘crazy’ and take too many ‘risks’? Maybe it is a lack of time, or the inability to find the energy to work on something that can potentially change your life forever after a long day at work.

Or perhaps this doesn’t ring true for you at all. If so this article is not for you however, if any of the above has struck a nerve then please read on, it might just be the best thing you do this year (or maybe ever…).

So where does this all start? Perhaps it is in our school classrooms. You know that place where social norms and fundamentals are instilled into us at an early age. Where we are taught many many things, some of them knowingly and many others unknowingly… Like what is the established route to financial ‘success’…  The path is laid out for us whether we acknowledge it or not.

You’re in school, check. You work hard and get good grades, check. You then go to university/college to study higher education and specialize in a particular subject area, check. You graduate and then apply for an apprenticeship or your first job in a respected firm and start your professional career, check. Does this sound like a familiar path trodden by either yourself or others that you know? Perhaps it does not apply to you, perhaps you were not fortunate enough to go on to higher education and benefit from the really valuable skills that experience offers you. If so do not be disheartened, there is always time to go back and finish what you did not start. Alternatively, you may be at an advantage to the rest of us as you have had the opportunity to shape your own views on what it takes to succeed in life financially.

‘Where is this whole thing going?’ you are thinking. Let me talk about what this is not, first of all. This is not a criticism of western education processes and systems. This is not a critique of your educational and career achievements. This is not as cryptic a post as you think it is, but you may need to read further to truly see that… ‘So if it’s not that then what is it?!’. See the title of this article? That’s precisely what this is. This is an article that will (hopefully) open your eyes to some realities and then present you with a wonderful opportunity on how to achieve your dreams. Ready to find out more?

Misled and Misguided

You’ve been misled! ‘When, where and by whom?’, you are probably thinking. The answer is by the system that educated you, by your school, by your university or college. In what way were you misled? It restricted your horizons and established a limited framework in which you feel capable to operate in. It lowered your ceiling and reduced your true capabilities. You see that voice you hear that says ‘If only I had my own business…’ is the real you trying to get out. The real you, full of potential and dreams that have been capped by the educational process and subliminal messages you have been consuming all your educated life. Perhaps you have been in the rat race so long the thought of having your own business died a long time ago. Or maybe you have legitimate reasons for not going it alone and trying to set up shop on your own. Maybe you have tried to do something to break these shackles on your own and failed.

Let’s go on a short journey. Let us dream big, let us go big or go bigger. Let us put aside your fears and concerns. You have financial obligations that necessitate a regular income? Hypothetically speaking, let us shelve that concern for now. It is a non-issue. Visualise it, believe it! You do not have a suitable business idea that will lead to anything? That is ok, not to worry. You do not have the time to launch a side business. Well ok, that might be a problem but hang on in there… Aside from all these things what is holding you back? It is probably a fear of the unknown and not knowing what to do. It is almost like you are trapped in a virtual bubble on a predestined route that will not let you break free… Ever felt like that? You probably have but never acknowledged it, until now… This bubble which has you trapped is a combination of many factors holding you back from achieving your true potential.

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Surely you owe it to yourself to explore this amazing once in a life time opportunity?!

An Invitation…

Well, what if you had support and assistance? What if you had guidance and mentors? What if you had a roadmap on how, when and what to do on a daily basis? Essentially you would have someone or a group of people showing you the ropes and navigating the complex journey towards establishing your own business in the best possible way. Not only that, but you have support from others doing the same thing? You know what else? Imagine this is a proven and verified process that has already been done. A process that people have already used, a route to financial success and independence within 12 months? Yes, 12 months… A business built for you, by you but assisted by others who have done this as a habit for years. Habitual winners and serial entrepreneurs available for you to leverage their knowledge, skills and resources. Like minded people that have lived the dream and are now helping others to achieve their goals in online business. That’s right this would be an online business that will offer you returns within 12 months. Financial independence is at your door step, but will you welcome it in? Give it the chance that it deserves. Will you?

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