Become a Millionaire by helping the Ummah

Become a Millionaire by helping the Ummah


There is absolutely nothing wrong when someone seeks for a better lifestyle. In today’s world, economies are declining and earning money has become way more challenging than before. The wrong perception about money comes into play – money can lead to evil! But we tend to forget that what matters the most is how the money is spent.


You want to become successful and a millionaire? You want to achieve your goal by helping the Ummah. You want to eradicate poverty by helping the poor. Your life struggles are increasing by the day. There is so much pressure on you from your family and friends. This accumulated pressure leads to increase in debt, and you find yourself depressed with not many options at your disposal. You keep on saying to yourself that all of your problems will go away once you are established. The need to help the poor and bring a change, while living a prosperous lifestyle is the reason behind the goal of becoming a millionaire.


You have plans, but all of them are failing. You can’t seem to find the loopholes and overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from making your dream a reality. Have you ever wondered why it is the case with you? Of course, you have! But, you haven’t come up with a solid justification for all what you have endured so far. Here, you will come to know about some reasons that are preventing you from becoming a millionaire, and how you can become one by helping the Ummah. Insha’Allah, you will find this article helpful and resourceful to you.
There are various factors that are posing to be the biggest hurdles in your way:
There is No Consistency

It is imperative for you to understand that consistency is the key to success. 1 in a million people can hit the bull’s eye, and become a millionaire with sheer luck. There are some prominent traits that all the millionaires have – all of them tried and struggled, they all took action and kept on pushing it with utter self-belief. One thing we seem to neglect is that consistency matters the most in every field of life from sports to business, and every other profession out there. It is the basis of your personal growth.
Not Embracing What You Have

As Muslims, we need to accept whatever Almighty Allah sees fit for us. We seem to envy others who are successful, and we do not look down to people that are less blessed than us. Start embracing what you have, and soon you’ll experience a surge in wealth in whatever you are doing.
Losing Hope Too Early
In Qur’an, there is: “And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him”. (Qur’an 65:3). If you are losing hope then it means that you have no trust in yourself and Allah. Lose this attitude, and see for yourself a change in fortunes.
Trusting Others around You
You have to trust people around you. It is important for you to comprehend the fact that you have to trust people if you want to achieve something.


Now, the most important thing for you is to learn from others and look for the main factors that induced them to achieve what they always dreamt of in their lives. An example can be given of Bill Gates, the world’s richest man. Gates came with a dream to become a millionaire someday. Gates and his partner, Paul Allen, launched a company named “Traf O Data” with a simple purpose of reading the raw data from roadway traffic counters and creating reports from analyzing the data. This concept was an utter failure, and no one even cared about it. Bill Gates never gave up, and he launched Microsoft a few years later. The point to notice here is that Bill Gates did not achieve instant success with the revolutionary Microsoft. As a matter of fact, he had to strive for 10 years for his business to become a success.

An important quote can give you the right idea about it:
Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
-Winston Churchill

The point is, all the successful people around us achieved success by not giving up. They did not let failure to decide their future, and they did let their dream go for even once. They failed again and again, but they did not give up on their dreams. If you really, really want to become a millionaire by helping the Ummah then it is time for you to make a decision that you will achieve your dream no matter what happens. It is time for you to get determined, and face all the challenges with courage. It is time for you to face the fear of failure, look it in the eyes and say “I am not scared of you anymore.” It is time for you to make a difference, and become a shining light for others in despair. It is time for you to take your parents to Hajj and Umrah with your own earnings. It is the time my friend, to be a true Muslim!


Do you want a financial freedom and a life that is debt free? Do you want a stress free life and guarantee for your children’s future? Here are some useful solutions for you:
Refrain From Interest
You cannot achieve success in your business if Riba (Interest) corrupts the money that you have or that you give to others. Almighty Allah Says:
Those who take interest cannot stand [In their dealing with people] except like the one who has been confounded by the touch of the Satan-this is so because they say, that trade is just like interest. [Whereas] Allah has allowed trade and forbidden interest. (2:275-276)


For a Muslim, following Allah’s command is the best option ever. You have to make sure that you earning is halal, and you will notice that halal income is blessed, and it increases over time. Halal income can be generated from various means as long as there are no Haram acts involved.


You can call it a secret formula of becoming a millionaire. It is by helping the Ummah. You will be helping the poor and needy people around you, and you’ll be following Allah’s command – you will be rewarded one way or another. Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Wealth does not diminish by giving Sadaqah (charity)”


Our holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did trading himself, and there is indeed no denying that it is a blessed profession. You can do trading and follow Sunnah, and there are so many Muslim millionaires who chose this profession and reaped great rewards. There are endless limits of trading- you can trade grains, goods, and anything that is used in our lives (beware of trading anything that is Haram).


The best way to become a millionaire is to become an entrepreneur first. This can be a gold mine for you. One thing that you need to comprehend is that you can start a business in almost anything (as long as it is Halal), and you can make profits at a rapid pace. You can go with your expertise or even start a new business. Being a business owner enables you to focus on expanding your business and becoming more successful. Think of it this way: there are 2 guys, one of them works for someone, and the other has started his own business. The first guy dedicates his life’s 8 hours to work in the office, and the profit of his efforts goes to the company that he works for. On the other hand, the second guy who started his own business dedicates 8 hours of his life to his own business, and all the profit goes into his pocket. The point is that there are bleak chances for you to become a millionaire if you are working for someone. Be your own boss!

To start a business, you will be in need of some financial support.


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First of all, there is no help greater than Allah’s assistance. Almighty Allah will guide you through your rough time. Yes, you can look for other means of assistance such as taking an interest-free loan from banks. There are many banks and platforms that can provide you a loan for your new business without taking any interest.
You can also start an online funding campaign. You can find a united community; they have people that are not shy of helping others.
All in all, if you need a financial freedom and become a millionaire, then it is imperative for you to earn halal, and make sure that you are fully determined. You have to give charity and have faith in Almighty Allah. Insha’Allah, you will someday become a millionaire by helping the Ummah, and by becoming a change!



  1. Lutfur Rahman

    MashaAllaah, nice encouraging article. As they say “The secret of living is giving”. The more you give the more you will receive.