Best Physiotherapists in Brent Cross

Best Physiotherapists in Brent Cross

Injuries and illnesses affect our physical mobility and quality of life on a daily basis. Over the counter medication is often an instant remedy for some, but its affects are short-lived and can contribute towards unwanted side effects.

Getting to the source of your problem is key for better management which is why Physiotherapy in Brent Cross is a sought-after option.

It has been widely recognised as a therapy which has provided relief from some of the most debilitating conditions such as Multiple sclerosis, stroke and joint pain.

Brent Cross in North –West London Area has a pool of highly capable physiotherapists which can help heal your condition or at the minimum help with better pain and mobility management resulting in less reliance on over the counter medication. For this to happen, it requires a two-way commitment from both yourself and your physiotherapist over a course of a few weeks or months depending on your condition.


So how does Physiotherapy work exactly?

Physiotherapy addresses the Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal System. This system is compiled by your nerves, muscles and skeleton which in harmony are responsible for your ability to perform day to day actions such as pushing, pulling, walking etc.

Instances such as injuries or illnesses resulting in some damage to these systems resulting in ongoing pain, numbness and difficulty moving.

A physiotherapist will perform a detailed assessment of your problem to determine which system is primarily affected. Once the cause of your case has been underlined, a physiotherapist will work with you to create an appropriate treatment programme and prevention plan for your recovery.


The Importance of finding a Good Physiotherapist

Whilst all healthcare professionals possess the capability to support you, finding a good physiotherapist is a key to improving your condition long term due to the fact they play a more personal role in your care plan in comparison to your conventional therapist.

Part of a physiotherapist’s plan includes treating you with their hands when necessary on a one to one basis to relieve your symptoms. They will also communicate with you to form a personalised exercise regime which in combination will help towards pain relief and improved mobility.

A good physiotherapist will also help provide you with the relevant training and information to avoid further repetition of your injury or symptoms.


Is Physiotherapy only applicable to Injured Patients?

It’s a commonly assumed that physiotherapy is only required for treating sudden injuries or health conditions which affect mobility. The truth of the matter is that it’s often our very day to day lifestyles which contribute towards common age-related conditions such as backache and joint pain. Physiotherapists, in general, can play a very important role in educating patients in varying circumstances on how to avoid common injuries and age-related conditions. They can support and prepare patients throughout their pregnancy for childbirth to help ease potential issues through the process.


How  you can benefit from seeing a Physiotherapist

There are 5 main areas patients can be helped with physiotherapy.

  1. Improve your Range of Motion

If you have experienced an injury, your range of motion can be affected, this is your ability to fully move a joint. Without Physiotherapy your range of motion can potentially stiffen causing you difficulties in performing your day to day activities. A Physiotherapist can support you with their expertise in providing you with specific exercises which can help improve your range of motion.

  1. Effective Pain Management

Whether your pain is temporary or chronic, and experienced physiotherapist can work closely with you towards decreasing your discomfort and improving your ability to perform your daily functions.

  1. Neurological Disorder Treatment

If you suffer from neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, Functional Neurological Disorder or if you have had a stroke, a physiotherapist can work on improving symptoms such as balance issues or weaknesses in the limbs to recover partial or full function of the affected areas. This is particularly important for sufferers or neurological disorders as it can not only improve existing symptoms, but it prevents more damaging ones occurring in the near future.

  1. Exercise Awareness

An experienced Physiotherapist will help educate you on various restorative exercises to practice from home in between appointments. These exercises play a crucial role in your recovery and prevention of future problems.


  1. Manage any breathing issues

Breathing issues such as asthma can be managed better by working with a physiotherapist. They can examine whether or not your existing breathing habits are contributing to your condition as well as educate you on specific breathing exercises which can help improve it.


How to Hire Physiotherapist in Brent Cross

Residents living in or local to Brent Cross have a considerable number of options towards hiring a physiotherapist. The Brent Cross area offers numerous clinics and GYM’s s that provide physiotherapy.

However, if you’re looking for a physiotherapist who can offer you personalised support to your treatment, we can help get you in touch.

We have a panel of certified physiotherapists which cover Brent Cross and its surrounding areas who are able to offer home services as well as clinical.


The cost of Physiotherapy in Brent Cross

The cost of your therapy will depend on your individual case, minor conditions are likely to require a few sessions whereas if your condition is assessed more problematic, long-term therapy will be required.

We have a diverse panel of expert physiotherapists covering the Brent Cross area who are prepared to go that step further to support you and ensure you get the best value for your money.

Our motivation with our panel is to help you restore your quality of life. We would love to hear from you and discuss your case. Simply fill in the form below or send us a message on our Whatsapp number and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to answer all your questions.