Swimming classes for children in Brent Cross

Swimming classes for children in Brent Cross



Swimming classes for children in Brent cross is a life skill that children as well as adults should really learn. Water covers 70% of the earth surface and makes up 60% of the human body. Swimming is often associated with summer, however the truth is you can participate at anytime in the year. Brent cross  has many gym’s and centres, in particular Hendon leisure centre, which is part of the better group which offers indoor pools.


You can enjoy swimming at all levels, it doesn’t mean you have to become the next Michael Phelps with 28 Olympic medals. Swimming is a life skill which should be started as early as possible.

The good news is you CAN. Catch up by hiring a professional swimming instructor or simply joining the many swimming classes in Brent cross and surrounding areas. There are many swimming lessons and activities for you or for your children.


Great reason and benefits of swimming for fitness


Swimming offers many health benefits for people of all ages, with those benefits being enhanced for kids that start at an early stage.

Here are 5 reasons why swimming classes are of tremendous benefits for kids


  • Burn calories


Maintaining a balanced body weight is key for optimal health. In order to shed excess weight the body needs to burn calories. Research indicates that an hour of swimming can efficiently burn between 400-700 calories. Depending on the intensity. This is a great activity for people of all ages, in particular, for those struggling with obesity.


  • Drastically improve your cardiovascular fitness

This single benefit should be enough even if you kids are not classed as obese or over weight. Swimming will improve your endurance and strengthen your cardiovascular system. Swimming is truly a full body workout.


  • All body workout

Swimming uses all the muscles in your body. Whether you are doing a gentle breaststroke or hammer butterfly, your arms, legs, back, butt and neck muscles are sure to get a workout as you propel yourself through the water.


  • Low impact on your joints.

Unlike other forms of exercise or sports that put pressure on the joints, swimming on the other hand does not. The water absorbs the impact and cushions the jolts to your joints, unlike running.


  • Make new friends and build confidence

Swimming lessons presents the opportunity for your children to meet other children, thus improving their social skills and enriching their experiences. In addition, learning a new activity creates a new neurological path wats which will impact and enhance other areas of life.


  • A skill that can save lives

Swimming is a key life skill that should be learnt. This applied to everyone without exception. Apart from being a life saver it will also give you confidence to take part in water based activities, instead of opting out .


Why hire a swimming instructor in Brent cross for kids.


The decision to ensure your children learn such essential life skills is great, alongside the health benefit that will accompany such activity. The next step is finding a suitable swimming instructor in Brent cross.


Currently there are a few choices to take up swimming at the better gym in Copthall. However, if your prefer a more personalised approach we  are able to connect you with qualified and professional swimming instructors. Lessons can take place in your house if you have a pool or at your nearest swimming centre or club.


Your kids will benefit much more by learning from a professional coach instead of you teaching them. A swimming instructor has a plan of action, an eye for detail and the ability to correct bad techniques. Swimming instructors are able to customise the lesson to your child needs and change methods/techniques to ensure your children get the most out of the lesson.


The course of action you have available is to hire a swimming instructor or enrol your child in a swimming class. Whichever course of action you feel is best for you, we can help connect you with the best swimming instructors or classes in Brent cross.


Qualified instructors


Simply knowing how to swim does not mean they are qualified to teach. Although experience is a great thing, swimming instructors should be certified to teach. This will enable them to teach and incorporate different methods and techniques.


A fun and friendly atmosphere

Adults and children tend to learn better when they are having fun. It reduces the stress of learning a new activity. Swimming instructors ensure that they incorporate different activities that are engaging and fun for efficient learning to take place.  



Safety measures


A qualified swimming instructor will put health and safety at the top of their priorities. The lesson or class should be fun and engaging, but in a secure and safe setting. Ensure that there is someone monitoring the activity. There should also be a first aid kit easily accessible.


How to get started


If you are interested in your kids learning this essential life skill, the best wat is to simply fill out the form below and provide us with your contact details. We will be in touch to discuss the best way to get started and discuss the available options for you to take in Brent cross.

We have qualified and experienced swimming instructors, so no matter where you are in Brent cross we offer flexible and affordable options. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the details below.