How to Raise Successful Children using Business

How to Raise Successful Children using Business

We all want what is best for our kids, but this may mean different things to different people. If we take a long-term view, then it doesn’t mean buying them everything they want, rather it is trying to give them a head-start in life and equip them with the tools that will help them make the most of their future. After all, we don’t want our kids to struggle through life, whether emotionally or financially, for example from being stuck in unfulfilling jobs, living from one payday to the next, as part of the rat-race. That may sound all well and good in practice, but how do we go about achieving this?

Isn’t this what school is for?

Education is obviously extremely important but is the standard school education system able to prepare our children for the modern World, with the ever changing political and economic landscape. The education system has to cater for the masses and so in that way needs to be focused on creating employees to work in businesses, rather than employers. This generally means that unless you send your kids to the top private schools, then there is less chance of them landing top jobs. If we want our kids to grow up and be financially independent and able to adapt to the changes around them and take advantage of opportunities as they arise, then we need to supplement their standard education with some additional life and business skills.

How can we increase our kids chances of success in the future?

In order to achieve this goal we need a plan, to help them understand how to make money for themselves, how to use it wisely and generally how to get ahead in life. To do this we need to go beyond the standard curriculum, to give our children useful knowledge to help them grow up to be employers and not employees, basically to grow up to be successful entrepreneurs. If we can teach them how to make money, then they’ll be better off than us just giving/leaving them money, which once spent could lead them back to the rat-race to make a living.  So, we need to look at some of the key areas that entrepreneurs attribute their success to and how we can develop these in our kids.

What are the 3 key entrepreneurial skills should we teach our kids:

  1. Mindset – To be positive and confident and willing and able to take action
  2. Situation handling – Knowing how to deal with situations before they occur
  3. Business insight – To know how to turn an idea into a successful business (practically)

Having a vision for your child’s future and a roadmap of how to get there 

When it comes to your child’s future you can’t simply leave it to chance, but if you aren’t a successful entrepreneur yourself then how can you go about teaching these and other key skills to your child? One solution to this problem comes in the form of ’Kidbizo’, a program that is focused on teaching kids the skills needed to maximise their potential and grow up to be successful financially independent adults.

What is Kidbizo all about? 

Kidbizo is a program developed by successful entrepreneurs to pass on to kids the skills, experience and know-how they have gained in their journey to the top, with the aim of developing their confidence and mindset to be able to deal with whatever life throws at them, as well as an understanding of how to develop their own successful businesses. As well as teaching them the theory of running a business and other life lessons (e.g. situation handling), it also practically supports them in setting up businesses of their own, encouraging them to come up with ideas and then helping them put these into action.

How does it work?

The program is made fun and engaging and is structured in order to maximise the kids attention to ensure they take in the lessons being taught. In order to do this, there is usually 1 online video a week with a quiz, so as to not overburden the kids…there are also prizes and badges, exams and certificates to track progress and focus on development areas, as well as creating their own businesses and special Kidbizo events. There’s also a parents hub to keep the parents involved and they can also watch and learn along with the kids!

If you’d like to find out more about the Kidbizo program then click here to watch a detailed pre-recorded Webinar.

Why is it important to teach these skills to our kids?

We mentioned some key areas that successful entrepreneurs highlighted as being key to their success, now let’s look at these and some other useful skills in a bit more detail and see how they can benefit our sons and daughters.

  • Situation handling: We’d all like to be there to help our children all the time, but it just isn’t possible, but what we can do is give them a mechanism to deal with situations before they arise, e.g. how to deal with negative comments/criticism, or bullying, or pressure of exams. This can help them develop greater self-confidence and maintain a positive mindset, from knowing that they can deal with situations as they arise.
  • Confidence: At a young age kids are naturally full of confidence in their usual surroundings, where they don’t have a care in the World. All that can change as they grow up and start having new experiences, from going to school, making friends, taking exams, family issues, the worries of life start creeping in and they can feel lost. It’s important to focus on activities to build confidence to deal with whatever life throws at them, to help them stay positive.
  • Effective Maths: Although you may not always see it at school, Maths does have a big part to play in the business world, you just need to know how to apply it to your benefit, such as identifying trends and making investment decisions. If your child can learn relevant mathematic principles in an easy and fun way and know how to apply them to their benefit, then they are on their way to being able to identify opportunities to make money.
  • Money management: As well as teaching kids how to make money, it’s also very important to teach them how to deal with money once they have it, so they don’t end up spending it all and going broke (e.g. like some lottery winners). These are things a lot of us don’t learn until later in life through bad experiences, but it’s these valuable lessons that can help them see situations as they arise and know what pitfalls to avoid.
  • Mindset: This brings together a lot of the elements discussed together, with the outcome being that kids can see problems as opportunities and know how to deal with given situations and even if they fail, understand where went wrong and not be afraid to try again

All our kids have great potential, it’s the situations they find themselves in that can dent their confidence, we need to help them to deal with those situations and try and unlock their potential. If we can do this then perhaps we can develop them into leaders at an early age, with the right mindset, confidence and understanding, they can then look to achieve whatever they set their mind to.

Is Kidbizo suitable for my child?

If you are looking to improve your child’s confidence, or would want your child to become an entrepreneur, to have the know-how to come up with ideas and know how to turn them into successful businesses and generally to be able to deal with whatever life throws at them…then Kidbizo could be what you are looking for.

Kids are growing up in a digital age and are more technically savvy then a lot of adults, why not use some of the time they spend online learning key skills that will help them in later life, in a fun and engaging way. As with most activities a balance is needed, so if we look at how much time they spend online, then time can be made for both for entertainment as well as educational content.

Kidbizo is a great way to allocate a little bit of time to help improve kids confidence and prepare them for later life, as well as giving you as parents something to discuss/bond with them. At the same time equipping them with the skills they need to deal with various issues in life and those needed to be able to run a successful business.

If you would like to sign your child up to the Kidbizo program then fill in your details here.

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If you have any further questions you can contact the Kidbizo support team through the support functions at the links provided.

All the best for you and your children’s future!