Sure way to get more than 100% for your business

100% of your effort is nothing compared to 1% effort of 100 people. Instead of 1% effort of 100 people, what if you had 10% from thousands of people, all coming together to help you succeed. Every member who joins agrees to give 10% of your time to help others within the platform.

What Gets You Closer To 100% success.

Every right move you make moves probability of succeeding towards 100%. And every wrong move, increases the chances of failure towards 100%. Does this mean, you have to make all the right moves? Not every move has to be right nor wrong, but you do have to make more rights and wrongs.

Right moves you make in business are called “Leverages“; Leverage = Allows you to grow from 1 to many

Wrong moves you make in business are called “Disadvantages” Disadvantage = 1 to many towards failure

Leverage : is what all successful people use to increase their wealth but you must really understand what it means. You may think you already understand it and if you do understand the formula above, you should not have any problem passing this simple test:

You just hired a very good marketing guru, is it a leverage or disadvantage? Marketing guru’s job is to rain money. Make you known and make the business grow. So? Is hiring a marketing guru a leverage or disadvantage?


You need to know more about, what “Leverage” really is

Leverage :

A = Allows you to grow from 1 to many

C = Can save you or brings money in


Part 1 = 1 to many towards failure

Part 2 = It takes money away from you

If you are just starting out and you dished out 60,000 to hire a marketing guru, chances are high, it’s a disadvantage unless you already figured out your “market fit”. But what do you do to get marketing help when you are just starting out? Or; When you want to grow your business but don’t have the money to hire a 60k a year marketing casanova?

You leverage the marketing minds of those around you.

But who will lend you their marketing expertise? What if I need someone to help me with hosting or setting up my own server? What about a website, when I have a limited budget?

“Individually we all have resources, we learn from our mistakes and we find opportunities to take advantage of.collectively we have more,much much more.”

What if you simply got what you wanted when you needed it

It’s an idea that has been worked on for a good while and this is what you get access to from day one:

Want hosting, no need to spend your time and effort on it, our hosting expert will tell you exactly what to do.
Want a website? Our tech gurus have website solutions for as little as Free.
Don’t have an idea on what business you can start? our idea repository has loads of ideas, which you can start based on profitability or your budget for as low as Free.
Want to grow your business? See how others have done it and get access to detailed no fluff ebooks at your finger tips.

Why does Google and Facebook love the first time advertisers?
Better yet;
Why does every company love the lazy advertisers?
Did you know, there are better ways to get paying customers than advertising? Did you know, You can start email marketing for free? Imagine two Muslims starting or trying to grow their business:

1. Is doing it on his own
2. “Leveraged Entrepreneur” uses the resources 1 to many towards growth
Who has better probability of succeeding?