1. Moinuddin Kolia

    These are legitimate questions.

    We are considered a family.
    Yet there is a lack of transparency.

    Rocky started the post with 3 statements:-

    1. Consistency
    2. Trust
    3. Unity.

    These are the key ingredients for the success of all of us.
    Consistency becomes an issue, when people lose motivation, confidence and Trust.

    People lose TRUST when there is a lack of clarity and transparency.
    Many people in the group still questioning the halal nature of this business. Without fully understanding what exactly this business model and franchise is, it is hard to get a scholar’s opinion on this.

    The franchise was a bonus and it seems that the future of leverage has become the franchise!!

    Without trust we can expect the UNITY in our family to start falling apart.
    The strength of this whole model and business is our UNITY.

    I urge the brothers in management to come out and explain the business model to us on the basis that we give our word to keeping the whole thing between us only.

    I understand that disclosing the model has the potential to destroy the strategy of surprising the industry and hence can potentially be fatal to the future of our success for this venture.

    However; not being transparent can destroy the unity in our family and that too can be detrimental to the future of our success of this venture.

    I have been approached several people about this because they feel that this has the hallmark of MLM and they have been severely burnt and scarred by this in the past.

    ALHAMDOLILLAH I still have a lot of confidence and trust with the program. However; clarity would be the icing on the cake and allow me plough on full speed ahead.

    JazzAK ALLAH khairan

  2. Edis Ljajic

    that’s right! That’s why I really don’t know if I want to stay in this family anymore. Have been burned before because of trust and don’t want to do it again.