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    Salam brothers and sisters,

    A new writing task is here. You have to write an anchor post on the topic: Best Physiotherapist in [LOCATION].

    Before you begin though, please read through the following instructions:

    1. The post you write needs to be original – which means it has to have your own words and nothing from the sample provided below.
    2. Plagiarism is not just copying content from other articles or online sources. Even copying content from your own previous work is going to come under plagiarism. Please make sure each article you write is new.
    3. You do not have to follow the same sequence as the sample article. The sample is only to give you ideas on what can be included, you can, and we actually encourage you, to come up with your own flow as long as the information is comprehensive and takes readers towards signing up for our service.
    4. Please make sure you write a bit about your own area, [LOCATION] is the tag in the sample to give you an idea of where your own area mentions can go. Mention a few parks if it fits into the content or health centres around your area. But when you mention them, please don’t provide their contact details. The reason behind mentioning them is so that search engines can pick up relevancy and readers who search for those facilities and places can also come to your post. If you provide their contact information, people will just book with them.
    5. Please be mindful of grammatical issues and please ensure your article has subheadings like the sample has.
    6. Please double check spellings and avoid writing long sentences to increase the word count and meet the target.
    7. When writing the post, please think from the perspective of someone who is looking for this service. Be it a football lesson or a fitness trainer – there are some questions people want answered. Try to answer them in your article but also leave room for them to want to contact you for more information.
    8. When writing the final call to action – you don’t have to say contact us to hire a trainer, you can also say contact us for a consultation or contact us to discuss this further.
    9. Please submit complete articles, do not submit half articles and make sure the title is exactly as provided: Best Physiotherapist in [LOCATION] <— this is to be replaced with your area’s name.
    10. When submitting the article – please check for extra spaces between paragraphs and remove them. Also please mark all subheadings as Heading 2 (if you have questions about this, please contact me or sisters Hena and Runa).
    11. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on WhatsApp or email me, but please do some research first and have a draft that you can show your team leaders or members of the rockstar team to get feedback.
    12. Please submit this article by Friday, 15th September, 2017.

    Sample Post:

    Best Physiotherapist in [LOCATION]

    If you’re suffering from an injury or an illness that is affecting your physical movement, you need physiotherapy. Whether you live in [LOCATION] or around it, you may have access to health clubs and facilities, but it’s not always easy to find a physiotherapist who is experienced and able to understand your particular needs.

    Some of the most debilitating conditions, such as stroke, multiple sclerosis and joint pains can be cured with physiotherapy. A capable physiotherapist should be able to help you restore normal movement and functioning within a few weeks or months, depending on your condition.

    How does Physiotherapy work?

    Physiotherapy deals with the neuromusculoskeletal system – which includes your nerves, which transmit signals from your brain to your body, your muscles – which help you perform actions such as pulling, pushing and walking, and your skeleton, which includes your bones and joints that act as supports for your muscles.

    If any one of these systems is damaged, whether by an injury or by a disease or a condition, you may experience pain, numbness, stiffness and in the inability to move.

    A physiotherapist starts by analyzing your case and figuring out which of these systems is causing the loss of mobility and why. Once the cause is established, the physiotherapist works on creating a treatment and prevention plan.

    The Importance of a Good Physiotherapist

    While any healthcare professional should be capable, physiotherapists play a very personal role in the patients’ lives. Apart from running diagnostic tests, physiotherapists discuss a patient’s condition in depth and need to figure out exactly how the patient feels.

    After having identified the issues, the physiotherapist then gives one-on-one treatments with their hands when needed and also devise exercise plans for patients to alleviate pain, mobilise joints and relax muscles.

    The physiotherapist’s job doesn’t end with recovery either. They have to ensure that the patient does not repeat any of the previous mistakes and is capable of preventing further injuries. For this, they provide additional training and help patients correct their postures and movement.

    Given all this, it is evident that a good physiotherapist is key to long-term health and wellbeing.

    Is Physiotherapy only for Injured Patients?

    A lot of people are under the misconception that physiotherapy is only for those who are injured or are facing any bodily disabilities.

    In reality, physiotherapy has a wide application in general life and is about educating people about health conditions and issues that may arise with age and injuries.

    Even very common conditions such as back ache, sprains and breathing problems can be alleviated with physiotherapy and athletes have been known to prepare for their games using therapy as well.

    Pregnancy and childbirth preparation can also be helped by a professional physiotherapist, making the whole process a lot easier and painless.

    How a Physiotherapist Can Help You

    1. Increase Range of Motion

    Range of motion is the full movement ability of a joint. If you suffer from an injury, your range of motion can be affected, and without physiotherapy you will struggle to perform your daily activities. A physiotherapist who is highly trained and certified will know what exercises can help improve your range of motion.

    1. Pain Management

    Whether you are experiencing pain from an injury that you sustained in an accident or chronic pain, a physiotherapist will help manage it so you can perform daily functions relatively easily.

    1. Neurological Disorder Treatment

    If you are suffering from a condition like Parkinson’s disease or you have had a stroke, a physiotherapist will play an important role in improving the condition by helping balance your steps, movement, and weakness, to restore partial or full function to the affected parts of the body and to prevent more damage from occurring.

    1. Exercise Education

    Another good thing about working with a physiotherapist is that they will bring in a number of restorative exercises for you to practice at home when you don’t have appointments with them. A lot of these exercises can be incorporated into your daily routine even after your condition is cured and they can help prevent future problem.

    1. Breathing Issues

    Breathing issues can be serious and may significantly affect your daily life. When you hire a physiotherapist, you can get help for conditions like asthma, where they teach you how to do proper breathing exercises.

    How to Hire a Physiotherapist in [LOCATION]

    People living in or around [LOCATION] have several options when it comes to getting physiotherapy. Canary Wharf has a couple of clinics in the vicinity, including Physio in the City, Physiotherapy London and Pure Sports Medicine that provide physiotherapy sessions.

    However, if you’re looking for a personalised approach to your treatment, we can help you get it. Our panel of certified physiotherapists covers Canary Wharf and surrounding areas and are able to provide home therapy sessions.

    If you prefer therapy in a health club of your choosing, we can arrange that as well, but most of our clients prefer our physiotherapist home service.

    We believe in providing comprehensive services, which is why with us the process starts with your application and then we find the most suitable physiotherapist in our panel who is available in [LOCATION] to meet your requirements.

    After that we arrange a trial session for you with your therapist, so you can see how well you connect. Once you confirm with us, you officially hire that therapist and we start working on your treatment plan.

    All you have to do is fill in the form below or message us on our WhatsApp number to start the hiring process.

    How Much Will Physiotherapy in [LOCATION] Cost?

    We have a diverse panel of physiotherapists that cover [LOCATION] and the cost depends on your particular requirements. If you’re suffering from a minor condition, a few sessions should be enough. Alternatively, we also have plans for long-term therapy when required.

    However, with us you get the most value for your money, since our motivation is to help you get better and our therapists share the same vision and go out of their way to facilitate you.

    We would love to hear from you and discuss your treatment further. Simply fill in the form below or send us a message on our WhatsApp number and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to answer all your questions.

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    this post is only 1057 words. Shall we also write up to similar word count?

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    Best Physicotherapist in Wandsworth

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